Interchanger Pricing

Choose from our six available pricing plans

Junior Club
Contact us for a quote for all or several teams. e.g. 10 teams less than $200
If you are a one-off junior team contact us for a 50% off discount on any Interchanger product (available for under 14 and younger)
Basic Rotations
% game time
Warnings for rotations
Access all data on website
Cumulative data on website
Share data with assistant coaches, players and parents
Injury time
Contact us for a quote for additional teams
Club Rotations
Email reports
Player and team notes
Injury notes
Shares scores via Twitter and Facebook
Colour code players
Club Stats
Individual stats
Team stats
Custom stats
Timestamps for video editing
Stats Plus
Data entry for connected iPads and iPhones
Print reports at breaks
Contact us for a quote for additional teams
Suitable for AFL clubs and State League clubs