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Great new features so coaching coordinators can monitor all teams at the club

Do you receive complaints about children not receiving fair game time?

Do you have policy around game time and rotations?

Interchanger will:

Ensure implementation of club/AFL policy.

Make the tracking of player time easy.

Assist team performance (youth football) by having fresh players on the ground.

Interchanger measures time in position per-quarter, per-match and for the whole season. Concise data on time spent forward/mid/back/bench/injured is displayed on the app for the coach and via our website.

An inbuilt warning system will provide alerts as to when to rotate players (this warning system is able to be customised by individual coaches and adjusted in-match).

Coaching coordinators can receive email warnings if a player does not reach a predetermined threshold. Your club account can be set up so the president/club coaching coordinator can see the data for all teams. This feature will allow you to see potential issues before they arise.

Children should experience playing in a variety of positions. The practice of rotating players through different positions and the interchange enables the development of a solid foundation and adds variety and interest to the matches. (AFL Junior Policy)

To ensure all players feel an essential part of the team it is critical they have an equal amount of time on the field during the season. This keeps players in the game and satisfies parents’ expectations that their child will be given a fair go. It is recommended coaches keep records of the weekly game-time of each player to ensure each has equal playing time. (AFL Youth Policy)


1 youth team (over 15) – $60 + GST

1 junior team (under 15) – $25 + GST

Extra teams – $15 per team

Contact – and we can set up accounts for teams at your club so the coaching coordinator has access to the data of all participants.

Phone – 0433 001588

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