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Frequently asked questions

Is Interchanger available for Android?

No, it isn’t. Interchanger is only available for iOS operating systems running on an iPad, iPad mini or iPad Pro. Status Sport, the statistics assistant application which is available as part of the Interchanger subscription, can be used on any Apple device running iOS including iPhone and iPad.

You do not need an iPad to set up an account or view your data via the Interchanger website. As long as any member of your team has an iPad, you will be able to use Interchanger.

In fact you can use one iPad one week and a different one the next. All your account details and data are stored on our cloud server, and accessible from any device.

All you need to do is sign up on the website and you can use any iPad on match day with our unique username and password.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Interchanger?

No. You can operate Interchanger on match day without an internet connection. When you get home and have an internet connection, you can then sync your data with our website.

If you are not connected to the internet during a match, then your data will not be available on our website until you make an internet connection.

However, THE FIRST TIME you use Interchanger you should be connected to the internet. This will enable your registration details to sync down from our website.

Can I invite others to view the data?

Yes. You can invite parents, players, other coaches and club officials to view the data on the Interchanger website. To do this, you need to go to the Interchanger website, log in, and go to the ACCOUNT page. Click on “Invite Others” under the team you wish people to view and just follow the instructions.

Is it available for 18 to 7-a-side?

Yes. Interchanger can cater for all game sizes down to 9 a side. In the game set up, you are able to choose 18 to 7-a-side.


Can I preset rotations before the game?

Our experience with Interchanger Pro over many years has seen that a system that is flexible works better for the majority of teams.

You can set a rotation (even before the match begins) well before it is due to be activated. And when you do activate it, and the player comes to the bench, you just need to press one button.

Can I upgrade from the Club subscription to Stats subscription?

Yes, you go to your account and click on “Upgrade Subscription” at anytime. Just go to your account, click on teams, and adjust the subscription for the particular team you want to upgrade.

Can I enter data from other iPad’s or iPhone’s?

Yes you can! With Stats, you will be able to use Status Sport, an application available for all iOS devices including iPhone and all iPad models. This application allows additional users to be assigned and then input statistics from different devices, which then feed back in to the main iPad running Interchanger, all in real time. For more information about this and other features available with Stats, click here.

Is there a limit to the number of stats you can enter?

No. You can enter as many team and individual player stats as you want.

Can I create my own stats?

With an Interchanger Stats subscription, yes you can! This subscription allows you to create key parameters of your choosing and are fully customisable.

Can the players be colour coded?

Yes – You will need a Stats subscription to access this feature.

Can I email data to myself and to other coaches and players?

You can email a CSV file directly from the app at the breaks, as long as you are connected to the internet.

At the breaks tap the exit button and it will take you to the reports page. You will need the Stats or Stats Plus version to access this feature.

Can I get the forwards to display at the bottom of the screen, rather than the top?

In game, the default position of your team shows your forwards at the top of the screen and defenders at the bottom. To switch this around and have your forwards at the bottom of the display, you can physically flip your iPad around and it will change it automatically. You will see the arrow at the bottom of the display which will show the direction of play. If your iPad isn’t flipping, make sure your iPad settings have the rotation lock switched off.