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Interchanger – helping to implement AFL Policy

Player rotations are a part of football from under 8s right through to the AFL.

An underpinning principle of the AFL Junior Policy is rotation of players. The policy states that children should experience playing in a variety of positions. The practice of rotating players through different positions and the interchange enables the development of a solid foundation before specialisation at a later time, and adds variety and interest to matches.

The AFL Youth Policy states that young people do not enjoy sport when they don’t get enough playing time. Once children reach youth age levels the emphasis should shift from players rotating through all positions on the ground to them gaining a level of competency in different positions.

To ensure all players feel an essential part of the team, regardless of their age, size, sex, ability or the competition they are playing in, it is critical they have an equal amount of time-on the field during the season. This policy keeps players in the game and reduces the likelihood of them leaving to pursue other sports.It also satisfies parents’ expectations that their child will be given a fair go. The AFL Youth Policy recommends that coaches keep records of weekly game time for each player to ensure each has equal playing time.

Interchanger will provide a real solution to the implementation of AFL policy. It will make the tracking of player rotations easy.

Concise data on time spent forward/mid/back/bench is displayed on the app for the coach and via the website for other interested parties. A cumulative total of time spent mid/forward/defence/bench for the entire season is collated for you on the Interchanger website.

An inbuilt warning system will provide alerts as to when to rotate players (this warning system is able to be customised by individual coaches and adjusted in match).

Parents and players are able to view playing data both live and post match (via an optional invitation from the coach).

Interchanger is only available for Ipads. Any Ipad can be used as your registration can be used on any device. The app is free to download.

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