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  1. Set total game limits (i.e. set warnings so you can limit a player to a certain amount of game time – e.g. a player is returning from injury and you only want them to play a total of 30 minutes)
  2. Set warnings for a player to move from one zone to another (e.g. you want a midfielder to go forward after 10 minutes)
  3. For juniors – coaching coordinators can now receive an email warning if a player does not reach an agreed threshold
  4. New user interface for app and website
  5. Record injury time
  6. Produce injury reports
  7. Adding stats and notes from connected Iphones and Ipads now much easier – two touch solution (new Status Sport app) – less scrolling – enhanced user interface.
  8. Print reports at breaks and post match
  9. Bench players now 0-12 (handy for practice matches and junior teams with more than 8 bench players).
  10. Available from 7-a-side through to 18-a-side
  11. New website with easy to access cumulative data
  12. Add data post match
  13. Add notes post match
  14. Enhanced editing features allowing you to change data at any time.
  15. Edit custom stats on the run … easier to set up and modify
  16. Player bench time counts up instead of down

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