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All Interchanger subscriptions are annual – from January 1 to December 31
Basic Rotations - Juniors/U14s & under $33 $16.50 | Youth/Seniors $66 $33
  • Measure player time on and off the field plus injury time
  • Time can be recorded midfield, forward and back
  • Set warnings when you want a player interchanged
  • Set recovery time on bench
  • Complete three- and four-way rotations
  • For juniors – ensure all players receive a fair go
  • Data stored on our website – for each quarter, each match and the entire season
  • Record goal kickers and live scores
  • The ability to share game data with parents, players and assistant coaches via Twitter, Facebook and our Status Live app
  • Ability for co-ordinators/presidents to see data for all teams
  • System can send an email to account managers if a player does reach agreed game time threshold

Basic Rotations

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Advanced Rotations - $49.50
  • Colour code players in a specific rotation
  • Suitable for Senior clubs that are serious about managing fatigue
  • Email reports to players and parents
  • Create your own files
  • Create notes on players and the team that can be added in match or post match

Club Rotations

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Club Stats - $77
  • Record individual stats that are hard-wired into our system:
    – Possessions (kicks, marks, handballs etc)
    – Assists (tackles, pressure, turnovers etc)
    – Errors (free kick, dropped mark, turnover etc)
  • Record team stats that are also available for all teams (centre clearances, stoppages, inside 50’s)
  • Customise your own individual stats
  • Customise your own team stats
  • Produce a timestamped file that records all actions to make video editing so much easier

Club Stats

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Stats Plus - $99
  • To use this feature you will need to download the free STATUS SPORT app
  • Enter data from connected iPhones and iPads using our revolutionary technology via the Status Sport app
  • Up to five connected devices to collect as much data as you want – live.
  • Print reports at breaks with all of your match data

Stats Plus

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With 12 years of development, no match day failures, and a robust, reliable and easy to use interface, Interchanger Pro is for the serious coach focussed on player welfare and performance maximisation.

Interchanger Pro is acknowledged as the premier interchange product in Australian Rules Football and is being used by 7 AFL teams, including Hawthorn in their triple premiership wins and the Western Bulldogs in 2016. Available for PC and Mac (not available for tablets).

This software is recommended for state league and professional teams.

  • Manage player rotations through a series of warnings that  coaching staff determine pre-match, and can change as  the game unfolds.
  • Simple, clear graphics to assist with swift and timely  decisions on match day.
  • Colour code players.
  • CSV file download of data.
  • Record and communicate time forward, midfield, defence and bench.
  • Two Way box to bench communication.
  • Preliminary warnings can be programmed for players who are rotating on-field (i.e. not  coming to the bench).
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