Interchanger users who take our Stats subscription are able to collect a range of data – live on match day.

Stats subscription allows access to Stats (team and individual) that are hard-wired into the app.
Stats subscribers can also create customised team and individual stats

Individual Stats


Effective Kick

Effective Handball

Contested Mark

Uncontested Mark

Run / Carry the Ball

Tap / Knock on


Tackle / Smother

Pressure Opponent






Free Kick Against

50m Penalty

Dropped Mark

Missed Opportunity

Failed to chase

Turnover / Fumble


Team Stats

Centre Clearances Won

Centre Clearances Lost

Centre Clearances Draw

Stoppages Won

Stoppages Lost

Stoppages Draw

Inside 50m Won

Inside 50m Lost


Custom Stats

Subscribers to STATS can enter unlimited customised stats for Individuals and the team (these stats can be added to and created during a break in the game)

Custom Stats

MULTIPLE DEVICES (use our StatusSport app)

Interchanger provides community clubs with the opportunity to collect stats from multiple devices – all feeding into the one hub.

To be able to collect data from other devices you will need the following:


  1. iPhone(s) and/or iPad(s) to make wireless connection to your main Interchanger iPad – where you will be managing your player rotations
  2. The main iPad and the device(s) you are going to connect all need to be on the same wifi network – this will work best if you have a wifi dongle or similar (Interchanger does not sue too much data)
  3. Download the STATUS SPORT app (for free) onto the complimentary devices you are going to use to collect stats

Watch this video for more information