Darren Hamilton - Coach
Beaconsfield football club

Michael Holland - Assistant coach
The Old Melburnians football club

I used the basic subscription for the first time this season and found it very helpful in player management tracking interchange and scorers also the players were interested in the info I downloaded during the year. I look forward to next year and going up a level to use more of the functions. There is excellent support from the Interchanger team and the added function of the status live app is also a great addition.

Allan Briscoe – Interchanger Operator
Two Wells Football Club

Brilliant app and it has saved me a couple of times this year with parents enquiring about their son’s game time. Just had a meeting with parents tonight (U11s) and I discussed the average game time percentage for the team season to date. It also allows us to revise game stats and adjust our plan for the following game.

Michael Dalla Rosa – Junior coach
Burnside Heights Junior Football Club

The app allowed us to focus on what we needed to focus on as a coaching group. Data was used to manipulate training loads and set player KPIs. We synced some GPS data with Interchanger as well to educate players on effort levels and rotation times.

Paul Sartori – Assistant Coach
Camberwell Grammar

The app in my opinion is great product even at the level we are using based on player rotations for game time tracking. I had a funny story on the weekend with my of my under 12 kids using the app whilst he was injured. I gave a two minute lesson prior to the game to one of my players who ironically broke his knuckle punching the floor whilst losing to a friend playing a video game on Play Station. I thought this would be a good little lesson for him and he could help his team out by doing a game day role. Turns out he actually did a great job and although I never told him to move players across the different lines they played, he actually did it on his own accord and got it nearly perfect. Now that’s telling you it’s an easy product to use.

Eastern Football League - Melbourne
Lysterfield Wolves Junior Football Club

The Interchanger app was a brilliant coaching and player management tool that I used during the Australian Schoolboys Championships. It is a weeklong carnival, so having my players time-on-ground and rest-times was invaluable to managing their loads throughout the week.

Sean Kavanagh
Victorian & Australian Schoolboys Head Coach

Interchanger was a god send for us in 2016 in the managing our player rotations and the use of other devices to link up and take the key stats that had been identified for each game.

Players were kept informed on a weekly basis of their game time for the round and also for the year, these numbers helped the coaching staff, when looking to tweak rotations and game time for all players.

As 2016 was the first year that the club had access to this program, I can only see it being an even better asset to the club in 2017. To be able to contact Interchanger with issues or queries and to get a prompt response was fantastic.

If you are looking for a helping hand on the bench in 2017, don’t look any further than the Interchanger App.

Rod Lawson
Assistant Coach - Port Melbourne Colts - SFNL Div 2 Premiers and Champions

Interchanger 2016 has been an invaluable addition to the coaching operations of the Port Adelaide Women’s team. It increased the professionalism of our match day operations by allowing coaching staff to accurately manage rotation times and track game times as well as player statistics. Coaching staff were able to plan training sessions targeting areas identified by Interchanger and give personalised feedback to the players. We look forward to working with Interchanger again next season.

Emma Sampson
Port Adelaide Women’s

The app was a great addition to my coaching this year. It was very helpful when we had a full bench week in week out. A great way for us to monitor rotations, to ensure everyone is having fair game time.

Meg Pullinger
AFL Queensland Development Coordinator – Brisbane South
Joel Hocking - Physical Performance Manager
Carlton Football Club

I coached U13’s for the 2016 season and found the app very user friendly. It was perfect for tracking time played for every player, and was also a great help for tracking who had played in what part of the field. The reporting function allowed me to email a brief report on time and positions played, as well as some brief game notes for each player.

Joe Hargreaves
Under 13 Coach

We used Interchanger for the first time this season. In the past we have managed our rotations manually with a clock, paper and pen. Using the app has allowed extra time and attention to be focused to what’s happening on the field rather than constantly monitoring the clock.

Aaron Thompson
Assistant Coach - West Brunswick Amateur Football Club

A quick thank you from the coaching staff at St.Patricks Junior Football Club, The Interchanger App and system not only provided us with real time information on our own key areas we wanted but also gave us valuable feedback for each player after the game. I believe it helped all players and coaches this year in winning a premiership and would recommend any team looking to go to the next level that they call Interchanger, our team will be using it again next season.

Paul Azzi
St Patricks Junior Football Club

“We have been using Interchanger since 2013 to track our rotations and player loads. It has proven hugely successful for us.

We recently upgraded to the Stats Plus version, and this has taken us to another level. It has enabled us to track a range of team and individual stats from inside 50s and clearances to tackles, smothers and any other stat we could think of.

Particularly useful has been the ability for us to now record coaches notes, all time stamped for us to then follow up post game with individual players. It is easy to use and so simple to set up. Interchanger is an essential tool in our match day coaching kit bag. We love it.”

Dean Staffieri
St Kevins Football Club

“Interchanger has been a significant improvement to our match day football operations.  For our bench coaching and sport science staff to be able to track game times and manage rotations this has been invaluable.  To be able to link that information in to the coaches box also adds value in terms of player management.  The EFFC has been really pleased with the product, the support that is offered, particularly with their ongoing commitment to improve the product.”

Darryn Fry
Football Operations Manager - East Fremantle Football Club

“We’ve been extremely happy with the Interchanger program in 2016. With the SANFL capping rotations at 60 this season it was critical to accurately monitor our player game times and interchange. It provides us with an easy to read and accurate summary during and post game, which our coaching and fitness staff benefit from. We’ve also taken the program a step further by having our Board man now use the program to fill that role.”

Neill Sharpe
Chief Executive Officer - South Adelaide Football Club (SANFL)

“Redlands has been using Interchanger for the past 8 years. It is an integral part of our match day operations. It helps us on match day and the reports that it provides are important for the planning of next week’s training and match.“

Marty King
Football Manager - Redlands Bombers (NEAFL)

“We have commenced using Interchanger in 2016 for both our NEAFL and NT talent program. We are very pleased with how easy it is to use and the data that it provides. The team at Interchanger is always available to answer any questions we have.”

Andrew Hodges
State Academy Development Coach – (Northern Territory)

“We have used Interchanger for the past 3 seasons with terrific results. It’s user-friendly interface allows us to track time on ground and the ability to colour-code specific rotations allow our coaching staff to make informed decisions with a single glance. Would certainly recommend to any club looking for a professional edge.”

Matt Glossop
High Performance Manager - Murray Bushrangers (TAC Cup)

“Interchanger has changed our coaching style down at Westbourne. It has given us the power to control player’s game time back from injuries, alert rotations and even keep track of player’s average game times throughout the season. We wished we had used used it earlier.

It was an idea that was put to the current coaching staff and they weren’t 100% sure. They thought it would be too much work and wondered about the worth of the data. By the end of the season the coaches were loving the weekly reports and the ability to compare data week-to-week.

Our coaches have been amazed at the amount of data that can be collected and used to plan training programs and assist in injury management. With the App being so easy to use we have been able to train a number of staff up to help assist on game day.”

Jake Morrell
Westbourne Grammarians (Victorian Amateur Football Association – Division 4)

“This is my second year using Interchanger with my school football team. As we only play a limited number of games together as a team throughout our inter school system I’ve found this app has been great for me to monitor game time for all of my students. During the quarters I can make all of my changes for the next quarter but not implement them until we get together as a team. This is great as many of my grade 5/6 students are visual learners and having them see the field changes means they are focused on what they need to do. In addition, they all love having their photo taken to create their own profile and end up referring to it as their own footy card. I’ll definitely be using this app again.”

Paul Saunders
Mornington Primary School

“It’s always good when a player comes off and says he was only on the ground for 4 minutes and you can show them the data saying they were out there for 8 minutes. It quickly gets them refocused so they can’t pull the wool over your eyes.

This program would be beneficial for any football side wanting to control their rotations in a professional manner. Takes all the guesswork out of player rotations.”

Brad Bootsma
Peel Thunder


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We have been providing software solutions to Australian Rules Football clubs for 12 years.

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